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          Whitley Esteban Is Roman & Williams's Secret Weapon



          From New York hotspot Le Coucou to the buzzy renovation of The Chicago Athletic Association, Roman & Williams has captivated the design world with layered interiors that defy classification. For the past 5 years, Whitley Esteban has been behind the scenes, quietly shepherding the firm’s projects (including the highly-anticipated British Art wing at the Met, opening this spring) as its Managing Director.

          Esteban’s personal style and process reflect the best of her firm’s: She’s passionate about classical art and design (she’s active in the nonprofit Institute of Classical Architecture & Art), fascinated by context, and always looking to experiment. “I want to be able to acknowledge the classics and play them back in a reverential way,” she says.

          As such, much of Esteban's work at the firm centers around research. The Roman & Williams team digs ferociously into location, history, and culture of a place (Esteban calls it "immense immersion") in order to situate their work within it—and also push its boundaries a bit. "We try to be to be really great listeners really great interpreters of the brand's vision and then manifest that in different ways," she says.

          Esoteric as that might sound, it's balanced out for Esteban—who studied architecture in a traditional, hand-drawing manner at Notre Dame—by good, old fashioned hard work. “Whitley's most valuable asset is her fierce intellect combined with her leadership skills,” say Roman & Williams principals Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch. “Rarely have we seen a person who has both of those qualities.”


          最喜欢的设计是: 勒·柯布西耶在海滩上。

          最喜欢做的收集: 它旋转,但现在:豆荚。过去的十年:炮弹。

          最喜欢房间的所有时间: 黑色房间博斯科特雷卡塞帝国别墅,在大都会罗马艺术画廊。这个房间完全是古代和完全现代化:仔细一听,你会听到的时间本身安静的嗡嗡声。

          最喜爱的艺术家或艺术作品: 维贾·塞敏斯

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