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          Here's how to make house plants, flowers, and outdoor spaces look lush and beautiful, regardless of whether you have a green thumb.

          Beautiful spring flowering Hellebore flowers also known as lenten Roses or Christmas Roses
          12 Early Spring Flowers You'll Want in Your Garden

          Ready for some color?

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          Here's How to Turn Your Old Chandelier Into a Fabulous Planter

          Your old chandelier can easily be turned into a planter.

          Terrariun Coffee Tables Allow You to Bring Your Garden Into the Home

          Nobody ever said you couldn't have a mini garden inside your coffee table, right?

          Close-up of a houseplant (Philodendron scandens)
          You Can Turn Your Home Into a Tropical Oasis for Cheap With Aldi's New Indoor Plant Collection

          This grocery chain has a strong plant game!

          White and charcoal new renovated galley style Australian kitchen
          10 Houseplants Perfect for Growing in Your Kitchen

          And no, they're not all herbs.

          Defocused autumn leaves in the back. Focus on great tit and (probably)marsh tit (poecile palustris) hanging on to a bird feeder.
          The Best Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeders for Your Backyard

          No squirrels allowed.

          Study Shows Desk Plants Reduce Anxiety at Work

          We're not arguing with science on this one!

          Toronto Gets Hit By Massive Snowstorm
          Potted Plants On Window Sill At Home
          Did You Know Your Houseplants Go Dormant in Winter?

          Here's how to care for them during their hibernation.

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          money tree plant pachira
          Here's How to Care for a Money Tree (and Never Kill One Again)

          They are good luck, after all.

          Furniture in white living room
          No, You Don't Need a Green Thumb to Grow a Rubber Tree Plant

          They're big, they're beautiful, and they're easy to care for.

          woman tending to houseplants
          Watch Out for These 5 Signs Your Houseplant Is Dying

          ...and how to save its life.

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          Celebrities Visit SiriusXM - September 5, 2018
          Rob Lowe Waters His Christmas Tree with 7-UP. Is That a Good Idea?

          Someone is having some fizzy fun! 🥤

          This Gardening Tool Helps You Digs Holes In Seconds

          You don't have to ruin your biceps digging in the dirt.

          How to Choose to the Right Material For Your Walkway or Patio

          From brick to bluestone.

          gifts for plant lovers
          20+ Holiday Gifts Any Plant Lover Will Be Obsessed With

          Everyone else will be green with envy.

          Zooey Deschanel and Jacob Pechenik Are Selling Portable Farms—Here's Why

          Their Lettuce Grow system makes it easier than ever to grow your own food.

          Top view of a balcony with plants, pouf a table with breakfast
          The Best Plants to Grow on Your Balcony, No Matter How Sunny or Shady it Is

          From oregano and thyme to marigolds and mums.

          These Rare Orchids Look Like Monkey Faces, and You Can Buy the Seeds

          Turn your garden into a zoo.